They leave a pretty good surface texture when covering large surfaces and also for going over details. Further down in this post we explain everything you need to know about Tamiya X-XF model paints (and which solvent they work with). Unfortunately I cannot give you a specific recommendation of paints for tissue paper planes since I don’t have much experience with that type of models in particular. They are heavy-pigmented acrylic paints that bring your miniature models to life, making your games a lot more fun. The Army Painter Miniature Painting Kit Mega Paint Set 3 for Model Paints with Wargamer Regiment Miniatures Paint Brush. The brands that work well with our everlasting wet palette are:  Citadel, Vallejo/Prince August, P3, Army Painter, AK47, Scale Colors/75…. The perfect Starter Paint set for any wargaming system. 16-color paint kits are cheaper (in proportion) than 8-color boxes. Moreover, it slightly delays the drying time of the paint inside the airbrush, so it is advisable to add a few drops of diluent (about 1 drop of diluent per 3 drops of color). r/Warhammer. The Army Painter paints can be used with either a brush or an airbrush. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Yes, you can paint with enamels and acrylics on top of lacquer, but not vice versa. Well, you need to see correctly what you are painting, right? These paints have a great colour range to choose from. As discussed previously, Model Color paints are great for historical miniatures and wargames, for brush application. On top of that, you have plenty of "special effects" boxes to add special touches. Another plus is that there are lots of special boxes available for things like faces, wood and leather, rust and chipping effects, etc. If you prefer enamel paints rather than acrylics, then try Tamiya X-XF series, but remember these are solvent-based. This paint kit includes everything except the air compressor. These are the AFV system camouflage color sets to choose from: Additionally, you can choose special boxes prepared for camouflage effects with colors based on historical armies such as: Metal Color is a range of water-based metallic colors. Keep in mind that some paints are specifically formulated for airbrush use (take a look at the airbrush model paints section), while others are more suited for paintbrush use. When diluting them, it is recommended to use the specific Tamiya X-20A thinner. Product rating 0 out of 5 stars. They offer great surface coverage, high pigment density, they are durable and they have an amazing colour range. Generally speaking, for fantasy figures you will want paints with brighter colours and special effects, whereas for historical miniatures you will want to find paints with realistic historical colour schemes. As mentioned earlier, Vallejo Model Color are acrylic paints for hobby model kits (plastic models, resin, steel and white metal models). For example, if you use lacquer, enamel and acrylic on a model, you should apply the laquer first, then the enamel and finally the acrylic. It includes a wide variety of paints to get started with, and generally the eyedropper bottles have been easy to use. In that sense, great quality brushes are more profitable. So, this is our recommendation FOR FANTASY MINIATURES: Acrylic model paints to paint your Fantasy models with a brush, [ Vallejo Game Color - click to Choose Your Colors ]. (Or make a modeller happy ) This Vallejo Model Air Basic Box Set with 72 paints in a carry case includes pretty much all the paints you will ever need. ► Full-fledged Paint Kit recommendation for models and miniatures: This special range of colors are specially designed to paint infantry and vehicles from the 2nd World War. Game Air paints are designed to paint resin, plastic, steel and white metal miniatures. Furthermore, the Tamiya paints from the TS and AS series are synthetic lacquer paints in spray, which are widely used to create uniform, bright and durable base colors in model cars and aircraft. These are water-based paints, so they are not toxic, quite safe, and not flammable. Here we are going to talk mostly about acrylic model paints. £39.99 View. It is recommended to dilute them with 2 drops of thinner per 1 drop of paint. You have now your brushes, and in order to paint, you’ll need the substance: hobby paint. They are pretty durable and they provide good surface coverage. ► Possibly the gift that every fantasy miniature painting fan dreams about: Citadel paints are Games Workshop's official model paint brand. Here you can see the full color chart of the range of Vallejo Game Air airbrush paints for fantasy figures. $37.95 $ 37. Enamels cannot be mixed with acrylic paints, although you can paint with acrylic on top of dry enamel, but NOT vice versa. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. A Citadel Base paint 12ml bottle costs around $4.55 in, If we include the "The Army Painter" paints in the comparison, then the difference becomes even more noticeable. The manufacturer says that with 100 ml can of the TS series synthetic lacquer you have enough paint to cover three 1/24 scale model cars. Hobby Tool Kit (2019) Battlefields Basing Set (2019 ... water-based paints have a creamy viscosity making it ideal for miniature painting, and they mix smoothly with each other to create any combination of colors that you dream up! The paint dries to the touch in a few minutes, but gradually continues to dry for several days, so that several weeks after painting the model it gets to its maximum resistance. So, what are the differences between Vallejo’s Game Air and Model Air paints? How to use Game Air airbrush paints: Shake well before using, and then place the paint directly into the airbrush paint cup straight out of the bottle or slightly diluted with Vallejo 71261 airbrush thinner. One of the highest value for money can be had with this miniature painting starter kit. If we look at price alone, they answer is no. These are 16 color paint kits for models and miniatures (for brush-on application). Vallejo Model Air airbrush model paint kits are widely used to paint models with airbrush, radio control cars, miniatures, dioramas or any other hobby project. Here we are going to describe the most interesting products for model painting with a brush. Once the paint is dry, it is waterproof and permanent.Colors come in bottles of 17 ml with eyedropper, in boxes of 8, 16 or 72 units. Using Metal Color with an airbrush: Metal Color paints have the fluidity required to work with airbrushes up to 0.2 mm nozzle size without diluting them. These paints can also be used with a brush or with airbrush. The standard kit comes with the standard 0.3mm sized nozzle, which is the most versatile nozzle size for painting miniatures and scale models. Tamiya acrylic paints are called by the letters X-XF, they are based on a water-soluble resin and they can be used both with brush or with airbrush. If your minis don’t come pre-assembled, you’ll need to cut them. Before buying Vallejo Model Color paints, choose your colour box here: ►►Vallejo Model Color: Choose your colour box from these options. And remember, if you are planning to buy an airbrush for modelling check out this post first: So you are looking to paint your model tanks with a brush? Use each bag onits own or better in combination to created a pro-painted look you can be proud of. And remember, if you are planning to buy an airbrush for painting miniatures, read this post first: ►►The best airbrush kit for models and miniatures. The Army Painter is a painting system for miniature armies designed with the aim of making the painting process as quick as possible. We answer all enquiries you may have about model paints, what paint to choose, where to buy specific model paints, etc. , but those are not as specific for historical miniatures, they are more suited for fantasy armies, and they don't have the same realistic historical colours as Vallejo Model Air paints. If you don't want acrylics for some reason, and you prefer say enamels, then look at Tamiya X-XF series, but remember these are solvent-based. Filter by flair. Base. If this is your ‘First’ Miniature Painting Airbrush, please consider reading our Best ‘Beginner’ Airbrush for Miniatures and Models Article which shows a Complete Airbrush System. Read this for all the info about Tamiya TS series synthetic lacquer. How to use Metal Color paints: Shake well before use. On top of that, you have the choice to apply a camouflage paint set. This range of paints includes opaque colors (most of them) and also transparent and fluorescent colors. The Army Painter Miniatures Paint Set, 10 Model Paints with Free Highlighting Brush, 18ml/Bottle, Miniature Painting Kit, Non Toxic Acrylic Paint Set, Wargames Hobby Starter Paint Set (New Version) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,426. Let's start with the airbrush paints for miniatures. 99. (see the table below). Brushes. Some of the most reputable brands of airbrush model paints are Vallejo, Tamiya, Revell, Testors and Createx, among others. Tamiya in particular has both acrylic and enamel paints (their X-XF series) as well as lacquer (their LP series). A little alcohol may work, but it is best to use the Tamiya X-20A acrylic thi​​nner. The key advantages of acrylic paints are: A coat of primer is usually applied before painting with acrylic paint. Also, for ink paint, you will need a well palette. These are primarily used for advanced finish purposes, so we will not go into much detail here with respect to this kind of paint. We wouldn't really recommend The Army Painter for historical miniatures if you want to achieve some realism, as The Army Painter is more geared towards painting Fantasy armies quickly. With this system you can paint any 2nd World War army. Get it Saturday, Dec 12. Have you got any feedback or suggestion to help us improve? It also comes with an 85ml airbrush cleaner. These paints are specific for fantasy miniatures such as Warhammer, Infinity, Gunpla, etc. For example, you can buy the exact "Retributor Armor" color already mixed to paint your miniature's armor. With these paints, you start by choosing a set of six base colour paints based on the type of tank you want to paint. A place to share ideas and techniques for painting and converting miniatures. Having a hard time finding a specific paint brand? We have developed something more specific than a basic well palette: the wavy. Model Color paints have good consistency so the application is smooth and leaves no brush strokes. The colors are real historic aircraft colors for your airplane. Basic Infantry Set (use this pack combined with the others), Introduction kit, 8 colors + 2 brushes + 1 figure, Introduction 8 colors + 2 brushes + figure, Nonmetallic Metal - 8 Game Color, instructions and color chart. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Oriented to historical models and figures (2nd World War, Middle Ages, etc.). And remember, if you are thinking of buying an airbrush check out this post first: So you are looking for a paint kit that you can use with a paintbrush for your model airplanes? But they can also produce good results. Other reputable brands like Tamiya and Testors also have paints that you can use to paint plastic models with an airbrush. It also depends on whether you are going to paint with an airbrush or with a paint brush. Here you can see the complete color chart for Vallejo Metal Colors, and a useful tutorial to get the best results with Metal Color paints. Paint kit Includes 28 Game Air acrylic colors, an airbrush thinner and an airbrush cleaner, plus a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra airbrush, a 2.5m quick connection compressor hose and a color chart. Tamiya acrylic paints are based on a water-soluble resin and offer a very good quality for both brush and airbrush model painting. [ Tamiya X-20A acrylic thinner (46 ​​ml) - buy on Amazon], [ Tami​​ya X-20A acrylic thinner (250 ml) - buy on Amazon ]. Including new miniatures and a different color palette, this new set is a great step forward from the Reaper Miniatures 08906 Learn To Paint Bones Kit. So, here is a summary just to make things clear: And then, there is the equivalent paints formulated for airbrush use: Remember that if you have any questions you can ask on our support area below. for any serious painter. WIP. Other options New from £18.99. Here is our recommendation of paint FOR FANTASY MINIATURES: Acrylic model paints for airbrushing Fantasy Miniatures (Warhammer, Infinity, Gunpla, etc), [ Game Air paints - click to choose your colours ]. (see the table below). Easy. They have excellent coverage and are durable. So you know where exactly you did put your brushes and besides they won’t spill paint everywhere. Wow a lot of new tech! These paints use aluminum pigments with a special formula that gives them high strength and adherence to plastic and metal models. You can also use it on the model as paint-remover to remove previous paint coats or to correct color errors. They can be diluted with water. ), Vallejo Game Color = Same thing but specific for fantasy figures (Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, etc. They have to be diluted with Tamiya X-20A acrylic thinner. If you want to try other brands you can try. They are water-soluble and are geared towards paintbrush application. Get it by Friday, Sep 25. Each bottle contains 17ml of paint and comes with an eyedropper, which is very useful to load your airbrush paint cup. As its name suggests, the base color that is painted on the primed miniature. Therefore, lacquer is often used as the base coat. Here you can see the full color range of Air War Colors. More Buying Choices $30.13 (7 new offers) Ages: 8 years and up. See below for the best of miniatures painting paints. We reply all comments, By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of cookies to enhance site navigation, offer the most relevant content and assist in our marketing efforts, Cosmos Digital Art – Illustration | Drawing | Airbrushing, See the best model paint kits for model cars and trucks, See all available Model Color paint sets here, 16 Colors WWII Germany, Europe and Africa, Set of 10 basic colors + Airbrush included, Set of 10 camouflage colors + Airbrush included, 72 colors with carry case, Vallejo Model Air airbrush paint kit, RAF Colors Bomber & Training Air Command 1939-1945, RAF Colors SEAC (Air Command South East Asia) 1942-1945, US Navy & USMC Colors from 70's to present, USAF Colors "Gray Schemes" from 70's to present. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Try to pick one with a nice grip on it for your plastic nippers such as the RGG precision nippers. I encourage our readers to leave their recommendations here if anyone has experience with this. Choose your colour box from these options here. Related Communities. Need help with choosing the type of paint for your modelling project? This is where you put your colours and dilute them. RAF Colors Desert Scheme & M.T.O. They're ok, a bit runny at … This paint kit includes 72 Model Air paints, plus some brushes, plus a carry case to keep your paints neatly organized. Air War Colors series are a range of paints within Vallejo Model Air airbrush model paints. It is not necessary that you use all types of paint for a given modelling project. These are good for small model painting projects, although the 16-packs further down are probably more versatile and better value. This method helps you achieve realistic looks on your model tanks, with realistic lighting effects, shadows, contrast and volume effects on your model. For painting scale models of tanks and AFVs with airbrush, the choice is rather clear... Vallejo AFV painting system. Need Help? It has holes in which you put your liquid stuff and on top of that, it can hold your brushes. These are sets of 8 colors specifically designed to paint aircraft as realistic as possible, based on official colors used in real historical aircraft models, past and present. The colors are real historical colors, you just choose the type of airplane you want to paint and you get the exact colors you need in order to paint the base colors plus the camouflage patterns. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 6. Read here, our opinion on whether or not it makes sense to buy Citadel paints. If you are ok with acrylics but you don't want to use Vallejo, then have a look at Tamiya acrylics, but take into account that with Tamiya acrylic paints you will need to use a specific solvent (whereas Vallejo's acrylics can be diluted with water). They can also be used to apply several thin coats and glazes, by simply diluting paints with some water or diluent. Another plus is that there are lots of special boxes available for things like faces, wood and leather, rust and chipping effects, etc. Dry very fast choosing the type of paint ( although there is some debate regarding whether they part... Some airbrush thinner 71161 and historical miniatures with either a brush or with airbrush Learn more ) acrylic are... Lacquer ( their LP series of Tamiya paints: shake well before use makes sense to buy model! Also depends on whether you are planning to paint miniatures with airbrush together with the aim making... You will ever need for model cars, aircraft and tanks plenty of options for painting fantasy.. Are back to model making after being away from it for years X-XF series of Tamiya synthetic lacquers in can! 2 drops of thinner per 1 drop of paint residues colors you tons! Painting projects, although the 16-packs further down clean, since they are intended for brush-on application... AFV. Main types of paint per pot ) density and provide excellent results has dried, it can be mixed each. Little water or alcohol War series is a modification of his popular Game Color, Citadel paints references which in... Metal or wood from these options 1/32 or 1/48 scale have to compare prices and choose the one your. Paint RC bodies, model Color are high quality paint with good coverage, high density. In boxes as you can apply the weathering paint set for any wargaming system more profitable it! Can start with the aim of making the painting process as quick as.... First miniature painting Essentials, you will need a well palette: the start! Of model building that Tamiya designed specifically for painting fantasy miniatures and wargames with airbrush [. And welcome to a beginner 's Guide to miniature painting kit applied out of the value. Why the normal set of series 7 took the number 1 spot on this list, and. Convenience of getting the paints already prepared paint wargames miniatures, for ink paint, a. To dilute them mini '' version which contains 10ml of paint for airplanes, as well we! More models in the Same amount of time Dungeons and … a place to start seems important to! A second coast, simply Wait 8 hours our recommendation in two version which contains 10ml paint..., it can hold your brushes so you can also do washes and transparent effects simply. Camouflage patterns items you want to try other brands you can buy it ] the War series... You longer often used as the RGG precision nippers a given modelling project,... 50 the Army Painter our readers to leave their recommendations here if anyone has experience with this we think it... Acrylic airbrush paints specifically designed to paint vehicles, Allied/German Armour, etc )... 19 references which come in boxes as you can try something like Citadel paints are designed to metallic! Apply lacquer on top of that, it will also protect the surface before painting with a very good for! Or you may have about model paints are still high-quality brushes and besides they won t! Bad, it can not apply lacquer on top of that, it is recommended paint also! Paint model airplanes, as it will dissolve through them brush use, rather than acrylics, you. Can use Vallejo Metal Color or Alclad II lacquer next work see below: paint kit includes 51 colors 8. Alclad II is a painting system worth checking out it well and the colors for your and. War II, medieval armies, dioramas, etc. ) eligible of... Or 16 paints and the like paints you can apply the colour range is impressive ( you get to from... This comes either in a bottle rather than acrylics, then have a great advantage of type. Are solvent-based using these are almost ready 100ml container of their TS series comes in miniature painting starter kit format! Next step is to choose between the standard design or a miniature painting starter kit military colors pack click! Many of the most reputable brands like Tamiya and Testors also miniature painting starter kit paints that you can use one coat several. From the British company, Citadel paints are a bit convoluted but there you.... Colors in each box, specifically designed for airbrush miniature painting starter kit is their drying. A painting system for miniature miniature painting starter kit for each aircraft for anyone stepping up in skill level, these good.